Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sometimes you feel weak & horrible that you do nothing but weeping!
Sometimes you feel that you wanna travel somewhere far & never come back
Sometimes you feel that you want to sleep for ages & ages just to have a break!
Sometimes you feel lost & always confused, you mind is like going to explode!
Sometimes you feel that your heart is broken & you fall in deep pain!
Sometimes you feel that you can never smile again!
Sometimes you feel that you need to speak to someone or find someone to listem to you, but you feel hesitated to go & ask them so!
Sometimes you feel that you never want to do anything but ujust sitting & staring!
Sometimes you feel lonely, but you're happy for it & other times it makes you dead!
Sometimes you feel that everyone is far away from you, even though when they're right beside you!
Sometimes you don't find the person who always brighttened you day & who akways wipped your tears away!
Sometimes a friend may hug you, but you still feel empty! ((very painful))
Sometimes you feel that you wanna fall in tears when there is no reason!
Sometimes you feel that you're lost & your path is dark to no end!
Sometimes you wait for someone but they never come, you look at the time & you feel that the clock arrow's has never moved a step forward!
Sometims you feel that someone will come & give you a hand, but then you release that it's only air what surrounds you!
Sometimes you even may feel more than that!


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ياقاريء خطي لا تبكي على موتي
فاليوم أنا معك وغدا في التراب
ويا مارا على قبري لا تعجب من امري
بالأمس كنت معك وغدا أنت معي
أموت ويبقى كل ماكتبته ذكرى
فياليت كل من قرأ خطي دعا لي

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