Sunday, June 12, 2011

Couldn't hold the Tears back!!

Had a very bad argument with someone -I suppose is- dear, a very bad argument that made me weep as if I didn't weep before, but as for me I know that it's not the first or the last time so, so what?!! Cry for couple of hours and live in a bad mood for another couple of hours and then gradually I will be OK. Well Hopefully!! On the occasion of "hope", hope for me is like "palliative" that cures down the pain for a period of time that eventually returns. Can't control that pain inside me that affects my personal living day that mostly centers on my studies especially that I'm having exams these days.

Wish the word "problem" didn't exist!!


ياقاريء خطي لا تبكي على موتي
فاليوم أنا معك وغدا في التراب
ويا مارا على قبري لا تعجب من امري
بالأمس كنت معك وغدا أنت معي
أموت ويبقى كل ماكتبته ذكرى
فياليت كل من قرأ خطي دعا لي

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