Sunday, August 4, 2013

Homage for the Suffering

Here’s to you when the rain hits too hard
When the battles that you fight just leave you scarred
When you’re tired to the bone
And you’ve got no strength to move on

Here’s to you when the light has grown too dim
And your faith is just hanging on a limb
Your heart begins to doubt if you’ll ever make it through

Here’s to you
Here’s to you

When anger burns like fire beneath your skin
And you long for love, you won’t let love in
Your arms are folded tight across your chest
And you won’t let go

Oh and fear rolls like thunder in your soul
And all the lies have got you under their control
and your mind is just too confused to see
What is true

Here’s to you
Here’s to you

Oh soon the sun will come with healing in its wings
To wash away your tears and make you move

Here’s to you
Here’s to you
Here’s to you
Here’s to you

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ياقاريء خطي لا تبكي على موتي
فاليوم أنا معك وغدا في التراب
ويا مارا على قبري لا تعجب من امري
بالأمس كنت معك وغدا أنت معي
أموت ويبقى كل ماكتبته ذكرى
فياليت كل من قرأ خطي دعا لي

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